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First Meeting 2019

Meeting News:

Tonight we had the first meeting of the season and made some important new decisions for the season and for the future.

1. Tournament Structure - An annual structure was agreed and will be available on the tournaments page on this website.

2. Rankings - Rankings will be decided by four tournaments this season, up to Sept 1st and from September 1st onwards, 50% of ranking points will come from the Winter league player rankings and 50% from the annual tournaments running Sept. - August 31st each year. Further details will be put on the rankings page of this website.

3. Tournament Registration and starts - All tournaments will now be run with pre-registration and will be drawn on the Thursday before each event. Players will then be given a time for their first round match and subsequent rounds after. Failure to turn up within 10 minutes of your start time will result in you forfeiting that match.

4. Women's Pool - All women will be welcome to play in each tournament and will receive a 1 frame start. Any ranking points they gain will go towards their Island ranking although they may choose at a later date, to organise their own ranking tournament. For the main Island Champs in Sept. there will be separate Mens and Ladies events. Ladies can of course play in the pairs and Over 40s. (only if over 40 for the Ov 40s)

5. Winter League Pool - The current proposal will be that teams will be 4 players each, starting at 7.30pm. The match will be decided by frames won and lost and because you play 16 frames in a night there could also be a tie. League points will be allocated as follows - Each quarter will have 2pts for a win and 1pt for a draw and at the end, the overall winning team would receive 2 bonus points or if there was a draw, 1 point each.

Meeting concluded- next meeting August 5th at 7.30pm.

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