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Upcoming Island Champs 2022

The Island Champs next weekend will follow the rules below.

Tournament Rules:

Entries - The registration deadline for all events will be Thursday 8th Sept at 7pm. The draws for each tournament will then be made. Each match will be given a start time which will save any player hanging around for hours before their match. However this also means that if any player is not on site for the start of their match they will forfeit 1 frame for every 10 minutes that passes.

Match start times - If a match has a start time of 2.30pm it will not begin before that time unless both players have arrived early and are ready to start. However, if the start of the match is delayed due to slow play in the match before, the start time will be redefined as the moment the match is called. So in the case of a 2.30pm match that cannot be started until 2.45pm the latter time will be the new defined start time. From that time onwards, if either player is not at the table at that time, 1 frame will be forfeited for every 10 mins it takes that player to arrive. If any match encounters slow play which could greatly disrupt the running order, it will be at the Tournament Director's discretion to put the match on the clock, limiting each shot to 60 seconds.

Disputes - If two players need to resolve a dispute there will be a designated Tournament Director that can be called to the table. The Tournament Director will have the final say on all matters.

Match Lengths - Each first round match is a race to 5 frames. In latter rounds the match length will increase, with the final being a race to 10 frames.

Match Rules - the World Pool Rules can be found here:

Tournaments -

Friday 9th Sept - Pairs tournament (normal doubles not Scotch Doubles) played up to the final

Saturday 10th Sept - Mens' singles (played up to the semi-finals)

Sunday 11th Sept - Over 40s and Ladies tournaments played up to the final

(Each tournament will require more than 4 entrants to go ahead)

Finals night - Mens' Semis and final and all other finals could be played on the evening of Sunday 11th Sept. The relevant players involved in the finals will be consulted on this over the weekend.

Draws and results will be posted on as they were last year. Links to our draws will be posted in the news section of this website and on the Pool whatsapp group.

Entries - please text entry details to 07781 139120 or by email to

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